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Inspired by nature, all La Santé collections employ the finest quality pure essential oils to stimulate genuine wellbeing and prosperity in body and soul. Our candles are hand poured using sustainable soy wax, purified water features in the Atomiser range and there are no artificial fragrances or preservatives in any collection. We aspire to reach deeply into Mother Nature's unique gifts and capture them for your wellness benefit.

Quality over Quantity

Every La Santé collection is hand poured with meticulous attention to detail. From sourcing the finest quality soy wax and pure water, to ensuring superior production and safety of reusable vessels, we pride ourselves on the importance of quality over quantity. We will always choose local or Australian suppliers where possible to ensure our collections pay tribute to the boundless talent on our own shores.

From our FOUNDER

Thank you for choosing to honour the pure and natural gifts of nature by supporting La Santé Candles & Wellness. From an initial candle collection, our offering now includes six essential oil blends across many forms of application for life and clean living. La Santé is proud to be a small batch Australian pourer with a focus on quality and a touch of luxury. It was always my goal for customers to choose their La Santé products by essential oil blend – I’m confident you’ll find yours here and fall in love with the positive wellness benefits found in every product.

Justine x

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